Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have purchased a portion of the internet (well, technically, I guess it's more like renting). The portion, specifically. 

Therefore, I am moving this blog there. The new one is powered by Wordpress, which I hear is the best ever, so we'll see. 

I hope all my blogger "followers" will continue to read about my adventures over on the new site. All the posts here are already on the new blog (with the exception of this post right here) and I'll start posting there permanently this week. If you want to know when I post, it'll probably be best to do that RSS feed thing or follow me on twitter @edhyndman.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Reads: January 28 Edition

I read a lot of online content.
Some of it is not absolutely wonderful. Some of it is. Sometimes, when I read something, I am amazed to find that someone thinks the same as I do, and expresses it so brilliantly. Sometimes, I read something that I would have never thought of, but is lovely all the same.

I thought I’d share these reads with you. Every so often, I’m going to post a list of links to the articles/blogposts/whatever that I have read and enjoyed that week/month/time period between these posts. Just for you.

And sometimes there will be videos.
This is about taking a fast from judging. Convicting. Maybe because I am also a first-born?
About actually working instead of just talking about working. I am so guilty of the latter.

So funny. So true.
This guy can write. He strings words together thoughtfully, beautifully. This is his first post in a blog I have only recently begun to read, but already love. And if I wasn't a fan before, one look at the About page with the chalkboard wall converted me.
Cool site that let's you see how your life would have been different you had been born in another country.
Great little post about actually doing what inspires you. Funny. So true. Exactly what I'm working on in my life...maybe you've noticed a trend.

Did I miss anything?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

why I blog

The past couple of months I have really began thinking more about this little blog. 

For a year or so now, I have been regularly reading several blogs of people I don't even know (I'm aware of my own nerdiness). I would somehow find a link to their blog somewhere, read a few posts, and enjoy them. This would get me to come back to some of them daily. I read a lot of funny blogs, because I like to laugh. I read blogs by published authors. I read several blogs that are written by people similar to myself--women in their twenties or thirties, single, just trying to figure out why God put them here and what He wants them to do about it. Most, if not all, of the blogs I read are wonderfully written. As I began to read more and more of what these complete strangers were writing, I began to write more on my own blog. While all the blogs I read of people I don't know have hundreds of readers, if not more, my little blog here has mostly family and friends. (I love that y'all read the blog!) I decided I wanted more readers. I read a few articles on how to make this happen--a few of the tips ended up in my To Do in 2011 list. Then, I really started thinking about what I was trying to accomplish. Why do I blog and why do I want more readers?
It seemed pretty narcissistic to me. 

Then I thought about it more--which began as an attempt to justify my actions, I admit--and I realized that there are a few reasons I blog:
1) I am a writer.
You know how sometimes people say art or music is healing or clarifying or relaxing? Writing is my art; writing is my music. I can't really paint or draw and I definitely can't sing or dance. I write as a means to process things, to express things, to share things. Quite simply, I can't function well without writing. It sounds dramatic, but it is true.
A blog is simply an outlet for this.

2) I want to be a writer.
Like anything, writing gets better with practice. Blogging is excellent practice.
Also, I would like to be published (in print) at some point--to become a "real" writer (if such a thing exists). Saying "hundreds of people already read my writing every week" is probably a better selling point to a potential publisher than "25 of my closest friends and family read my writing whenever I decide to post something."

Perhaps these reasons are still pretty narcissistic. I think, at least to some extent, most art is. The thing is, though, I hope to glorify God in everything I do, not the least of which is writing (in a blog, in a book, in my prayer journal, in an email). I also want to help others glorify Him. Most of what I write (here and everywhere) may not be particularly helpful or what you might consider traditionally worshipful, but my hope is that it is, at least, encouraging. I have read many a blog post (from humor writers, from people-like-me writers, from "real" writers) that have made me think, laugh, or even cry. Some are good for a little laugh, a smile in my day. Some let me know I'm not alone. Some challenge even my personal belief system (in a good way). My hope is that my blog does those things for my readers, or will do those things--at least one of them!

That is why I blog.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I Like Tuesday: Clementine Oranges

From Wikipedia:
A clementine is a hesperidium, of a variety of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) so named in 1902.

The traditional story is that it was "originally an accidental hybrid said to have been discovered by Father Clément Rodier in the garden of his orphanage in Misserghin, Algeria."

But it might have originated in China much earlier.

Here's why I like Clementines:

1. They're sweet.

2. I don't notice the pulp. I don't like pulp. At all. So, I usually don't like oranges. I know Clementines have pulp, but I don't notice it.

3. I really like peeling oranges of any kind. Even though I don't eat most oranges, I'll still peel it for you to eat. It's always my goal to get the entire peel off in one piece. Clementines are known for peeling easily, so that's a bonus.
Peel Success!

4. They're just darling. (Oh, my darling Clementine! I had to.) Small and cute.

5. They remind me of England. I lived with a bunch of Californians. I think they thought the oranges were a substitute for the sunlight they were missing. I don't know. All I knew was that Clementines were delicious and cheap (cheaper than they are here, oddly enough). We were constantly eating them.

6. They smell delicious. My office has consistently smelled like oranges since last week. Mmm.

Monday, January 24, 2011

why I tweet

I signed up for a twitter account for two reasons:
1) I had heard it was the new thing to do and I didn't want to be left behind, technology-wise.
2) I wanted to stalk celebrities and semi-celebrities (authors, singers, bloggers).

Once on twitter, I found it to be fun. I got a bunch of free music, found out about concerts and blogs and fun events. I follow friends and people who would never actually friend me on facebook. It's both fun and challenging to come up with witty and interesting things to say in 140 characters or less.

I definitely understand that it is a little narcissistic. I can't really argue against that. But, I think it is more than that. Also, no one I follow tweets about what they're eating for lunch, unless they're eating something interesting or especially delicious. It's really more of a way to share things--funny things, thoughtful things, challenging things, interesting things.

For a little while, my people-pleasing-ness did take over. I began to rate my sense of humor/how interesting I was on how many people "liked" or commented on my tweet once it hit facebook. So, I decided to delete my tweets from facebook. That didn't first. [It was insane how much that twitter app clung to my facebook account.] But, just being aware changed my attitude about it a little. I finally did delete that stubborn app today. Twitter is less acknowledging, so I send out a tweet not really expecting a cyber high-five. Somehow, this keeps it in perspective for me. If someone replies or retweets, great. If not, I didn't expect it.

As far as the point Brett made about constantly thinking of your next tweet, it is somewhat true. But, to be honest, I did that anyway. I am constantly crafting stories and sentences and phrases in my head. Twitter just makes me try to craft it in 140 characters or less. If I fail at that, I blog it. Or say it outloud during a conversation. Or text it to someone.

So, why do I tweet?
It's fun.
I get free stuff and helpful information.
Also, I hear it's good for writer-y stuff.

[A funny gmail chat conversation with Mary while attempting to disconnect my twitter account from facebook:
Me: I wish my twitter wasn't connected to my facebook
Mary: delete immediately (Mary deletes all her twitter updates from facebook the moment they go through.)
Me: too risky
Me: I may have disconnected it! Lemme test it out...
(I tweet: "I love Sundays." Immediately, it shows up on facebook.)
Me: crap.
Mary: That just made my day HAHAHA
Mary: I just wish it had been something a little more racy]

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Reads: January 21 Edition

I read a lot of online content.

Some of it is not absolutely wonderful. Some of it is. Sometimes, when I read something, I am amazed to find that someone thinks the same as I do, and expresses it so brilliantly. Sometimes, I read something that I would have never thought of, but is lovely all the same. 
I thought I'd share these reads with you. Every so often, I'm going to post a list of links to the articles/blogposts/whatever that I have read and enjoyed that week/month/time period between these posts. Just for you.
And sometimes there will be videos. 
I decided to post them on Friday, because it's the end of the week, and also because my stats show that y'all like to read stuff on Friday.
Notes for my future wife. [Not mine, the author's. I'd like a husband thankyouverymuch.] These are sometimes funny, sometimes sweet. Cute idea.
Good article for anyone trying to gain followers/clients/readers/fans. I actually just asked myself this question last week (well, not exactly this question, but the "Why?" question). I wrote down the answer and I was planning to post it next week. So...stay tuned..or something.
This is by my friend Brett. He has a great point and I think it's one everybody should think about. Similar to the article above. Perhaps I'll add a line about twitter in the Why? blog I post next week.

This week's reading list is a little short. Is there anything I missed out on? What did you read/watch/write (that's right, pimp your blog--we won't judge) that was good this week?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In the last month, I have been told that I am good at two things:
Beyond Balderdash and talking to people about things I don't care about.

[Beyond Balderdash is a game where you make up stuff:
definitions of words, what abbreviations stand for,
what happened on certain dates,
what people are famous for,
plots of movies.]

This means that I am good at lying and at feigning interest.

So, you know, deceiving people.